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EBL Systems information - Ostend 2018

Copy of the Systems regulations contained in the Supplemental Conditons of Contest

Systems Policy

The EBL’s Systems Regulations and Systems Policy (Revised September.2013) apply to these Championships. Category 1 systems and conventions are permitted in the Open and Women’s Championships. Only Category 3 systems and conventions are permitted in the Seniors’ Championship.

Both members of a partnership must adopt the same methods in the auction and in their carding.

The systems must be described on System (Convention) Cards and Supplementary Sheets in accordance with Section 11 of the General Concitions of Contest.


Submission of Systems (in all Championships)

Systems in all the Championships have to be registered with the European Bridge League by 13th May 2018 by email to the Systems Administrator: anna@ecats.co.uk (See Section 11 of GCoC). Minor changes to systems (which may be clarifications, amendments, minor additions and/or cosmetic revisions) will be accepted up to 21st May 2018. Revisions will be published on the website with the other systems, marked as REV1 or REV2 etc, thus giving captains the opportunity to compare them with the original submission.

The maximum number of Supplementary Sheets is six.

Pairs submitting Brown Sticker Systems must use the special forms provided which can be found in Appendices I and II of the EBL Systems Policy http://www.eurobridge.org/regulations/systems/
The opponents’ filed Systems will be made available on the Internet to all teams who have filed their Systems. The URL will be sent to the captain of each team, who may also request that it is sent to other team members (e.g. the coach) by informing Anna Gudge (anna@ecats.co.uk) of the names and email addresses that they wish it to be sent to.

It is the obligation of each team to print and bring a sufficient number of copies of both opponents’ and their own System Cards and Supplementary Sheets to the Championship. The EBL provides no facilities for teams to make copies at the venue.


Format of Cards for submission 

Cards must be in the correct format and blank cards in Word and Excel can be downloaded from http://www.eurobridge.org/regulations/systems/. Players are asked not to use the old WBF CCE format if possible.
 Any revised cards submitted should have the revisions highlighted to ensure that other teams are able to see easily what changes have been made.

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