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The Multi-2 Diamond

Extract from the WBF Guide to Completion

MULTI 2 (... weak 2M; or ... )

An artificial opening bid with several meanings. The ONLY weak type must be a weak-two in a major suit.

Specify with one descriptive word in the NAME LINE before the word "weak" ... your STYLE for the weak 2M type: standard (i.e. fair six-card suit), or undisciplined (i.e. bad six-card suit or often fair five- card suit acceptable) or random (anything is acceptable). You may use a more descriptive adjective. After this, replace the word "or" with the strong hand types, using semi-colons.

Here is a proper entry on the card: e.g. MULTI 2 (random weak 2M; 17-24 3-suiter; 25+ BAL)

Inside the card, you must include a full description of range and style for the weak type. Responder to 2 assumes a weak-two and bids as follows: Pass: Long diamonds; 2: P/C; 2: P/C, willing to play at least 3 opposite a weak 2; 2NT: Forcing, showing genuine values, asking for clarification (specify rebids); All other heart bids are P/C (include something descriptive about STYLE here).

You must have agreements about responses of 3m and 4m. You must have agreements about opener's immediate continuations with the strong hand type(s) over simple and jump responses. You must have agreements in competition (including Pass and RDBL).

Note: If you meet ALL of those conditions you may write nothing more than: MULTI 2 (loose weak 2M; etc ...) in this section.

Note: If you have some special agreements, such as: "might pass a 2 response randomly with a weak 2" or "pass over an opponent's DBL of 2 means nothing," such variations are sufficiently important to merit "QUOTES" around the NAME. Your opponents will want to know about this sort of thing in advance.

Please note that the following are Brown Sticker

        1. Any opening bid of 2C through 3S that shows an unspecified minor if it does not guarantee a solid suit. 
        2. A Multi 2 Diamond opening bid that shows precisely
a five card major in a hand that always includes a second suit.