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2008 World Mind Sport Games

Beijing - China : 3 - 18 October 2008

Tidying up !

The first World Mind Sport Games are a thing of the past - but a very good past ! It was incredibly successful, and now that it is all done and dusted, you may want to find some of the masses of available information about the whole thing, so here are some links that may prove useful:

Click here to download the TV Videos etc from the event

The IMSA Anthem

Press Release about the Mind Sport Games

The official WBF site for all the Results and Bulletins
The official site for the Championships, with all the medal tables - lots of details of who won which medals in all the WMSG sports ... a very good resource
Videos and photographs from the event
All the Statistics and things - Butlers, duplimate files etc
PDF files of the hands, bidding and play records from the quarter finals, Semi Finals and Finals of the Open, Women's and Seniors Championships, courtesy of Tim Bourke from Australia (thank you Tim!)
Zip Archive of the files from the Individual event
50th Anniversary picture show by Mark Newton
Documents from the Meeting of Congress
My Blog
EBU Blogs
David Stern's Blog