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2008 World Mind Sport Games

Beijing - China : 3 - 18 October 2008

Updated 17 September

Click here for the list of additions/revisions posted on 17 September

Click here to download the list of added/revised systems list at 12 September

Note that I will not be updating systems now unless I have specifically told you that I will do so. I WILL post any missing systems that I receive, however. I remind you once again to check your systems for any Brown Sticker Conventions or HUM bids as there are severe penalties for their use.

Note also that there will NOT be photocopying or printing facilities for systems on site, so please ensure you bring plenty of copies with you of your own system so that you have one at the table for each opponent at all times.

Click here to read the statement from the Chairman of the WBF Systems Committee

Note that, although Brown Sticker and HUM Conventions are not permitted, the Multi 2diamond is allowed and opponents of pairs playing a Multi are permitted to take their defences to the table.

Now - please check your own system if you haven't already done so (or if you have sent me an update). Then check that your team mates systems are there and if they are not, contact them and tell them to send them in!

Open Team Systems
Women's Team Systems
Senior Team Systems
Under-28 Team Systems
Under-26 Team Systems
Under-21 Team Systems

You will need Acrobat Reader of course (download the latest version from Adobe if you haven't got it). To download the files to your own computer, just right-mouse-click on them and choose "save as" then save them to somewhere that you can find them again.