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Dress Code

NBOs are asked to take note of the recognition of Bridge as a Sport by the IOC and requests that players should, at all times, be dressed appropriately; this is particularly the case at the Opening Ceremony and at the Prize Giving Ceremony or Victory Banquet, when it is expected that teams should at least be uniformly dressed even if a team uniform is not available.

For the Opening Ceremony in Beijing, teams are requested to be uniformly dressed - Polo shirts and the like, with team logos are quite acceptable, and the WBF would prefer that these are worn rather than the team be dressed in non-uniform items.

Participants in pairs and individual events are expected to be
smartly dressed, with a jacket and tie for male players and the equivalent style of dress for the women players.

During play appropriate dress would, for example, be an opennecked shirt, or a smart polo or sweatshirt worn with trousers or skirt as appropriate.