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2008 World Mind Sport Games

Beijing - China : 3 - 18 October 2008

Very important:

Most of the ID forms and photographs for the Open, Women, Seniors, Under-28, Under-26 and Under 21 teams have now been received, thank you. If you have NOT sent in your ID form, then please do so QUICKLY following the instructions below.

NOTE : ID forms are also needed for people planning to play in the Transnational Teams if they have not already completed them for one of the other events.

Each participant in the Championships, whether a captain, coach or player, a team scorer, a member of the press or anyone associated with the teams and needing to be able to enter the convention centre will need to complete an ID Accreditation form which must be returned to their own National Bridge Organisation (NBO) no later than 26 July 2008. The NBO must then send all the forms for their personnel to Carol von Linstow, the WBF Secretary, by email to: carolwbf1@aol.com (please note the 1 after wbf in the email address) with a copy to Anna Gudge (anna@ecats.co.uk). For IBPA members who are not members of teams or attending in another capacity, please click here for instructions

PLEASE NOTE THAT Individual applications for accreditation will not be accepted by the World Bridge Federation for team members or officials.

PLEASE read these instructions carefully:

First of all please click here to download the Guide to Completion for the ID Accreditation Card and click here to download the instructions for the format of the digital photograph that must accompany the ID Accreditation form (please note particularly the way the file must be named); this document also suggest how you may obtain such a photograph.

Now you need to get the form to fill in! Right-mouse click on the relevant link below and choose "save as" to save it to the right place on your computer. At this stage, please RENAME the file to your own name at this stage, so it becomes (for example) gudge_anna.xls as otherwise we will get hundreds of files with the same file name and that will make life VERY difficult. Just remember that you must put the .xls at the end of the file name when you do that. Then just fill it in, and email it, together with your digital photograph (which you have also renamed with your name and passport number), as directed above (or as directed by your own National Bridge Organisation).

Form for all players, captains, coaches, scorers and other team officials - any team supporters should tick the box marked "staff" on this form.

We are told by the Organising Committee that "Companions are forbidden to enter the playing area. For the vugraph, they can go to the vugraph room in the superb five-star hotel near the new convention center. Tickets will be issued for the sessions for anyone who does not have an ID Card"

However, please note that companions attending the Championships who do not need an ID Card (i.e. are just staying in the hotel, and intend to watch vugraph only), will be able to check in to the hotel without pre-registration.

IBPA Members, Reporters and Journalists

IBPA members who are also members of teams in any capacity should complete the ID form for team members. This will give them access to the area where the Bridge Press Room will be. No other form is needed.

IBPA members not in a team should click here to email Anna, and request the correct form. This is a normal ID form and will give them access to the main convention centre area and the IBPA Press Room.

Professional, full-time journalists and reporters requiring access to the full Press Facilities (similar to those provided for the Olympiad) should click here to email Anna for the full journalist ID forms. Be aware that these are far more complex.