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2008 World Mind Sport Games

The Apartment Building

We understand that the free apartments for the Junior teams, )and a few of the women's teams) will be at:

North Star Huiyuan Service Apartment Building D

Beijing North Star Company Limited Apartment Management Company locates inside the famous BeijingAsianGamesVillage, near the Olympic Village that is under construction. With a fixed asset of 710 million CNY, the company holds 13 lease apartment buildings and more than 1,400 suits of guest rooms with a total gross floor area of more than 180,000 square meters. By it integrating residence, business, exhibition, entertainment, shopping, catering together, it functions as the first super-scale top-grade apartment and service apartment property garden district.

The apartment management company possesses Hui Yuan Apartment, Hui Yuan International Apartment, Asian Games Village Hotel, Hui Yuan International Building etc. Rooms run from one-bedroom and one living room to four bedrooms and two living rooms, or from 50 ㎡ to 200 ㎡ in area. There are not only elegantly decorated top-grade foreign-related residence flats, but also well-decorated full-functional business flats designed for business purpose. At the same time, part of apartment buildings are newly designed and decorated to suit to clients for business, tourism and exhibitions purposes. It’s the first one to push out service apartment and bring top-grade apartment-flat-let into service market together with qualified services. This has won the company a model in Beijing service apartment industry.

The Apartment Management Company has a management team that is full of innovative ideas. It is capable to provide specialized property management services recognized by ISO2002 and “nanny” services that are newly created in the capital. Sceneries inside the garden are very impressive. Thirteen modern buildings dotted around the fifty thousand square meters Chinese garden that has abundant clean ripples, emerald green leaves and lovely pavilions. Matched services such as international satellite televisions, high-speed wideband systems, catering, entertainment, shopping, leisure enjoyment, healthy fitness, bank and securities provide guests with easiness and pleasure in their residence, business and tourism

We believe that this link shows you the actual building, but I am not prepared to guarantee that it is correct because I haven't actually been there (yet!)