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2008 World Mind Sport Games

Seniors International Cup

The Seniors International Cup will be played alongside the Open and Women's Teams, and thus it is expected that play will start on Saturday morning, 4th October. The qualifying stage will be played during the first week, followed by the Knock Out stages during the second week.

Senior players eliminated in the quarter final may participate in the World Transnational Mixed Teams.

Each member country of the World Bridge Federation is entitled to send one Senior Team to the World Mind Sport Games.

For the 2008 Senior Cup in Beijing, it has been agreed to make an exception to the regulation regarding Senior ages, and permit a minimum age of 58 for the event; thus Championship players must reach the age of 58 during the calendar year 2008 (i.e. before 31 December 2008). Click here for the regulations concerning the age of senior players in future World Championship events

Senior Teams may benefit from special low rates for accommodation and meals in the media apartments.

Note that this event will not be included in the medal roll of the of the World Mind Sports Games, although medals will be awarded by the World Bridge Federation as normal.