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2008 World Mind Sport Games

Systems Regulations

Full systems regulations are contained in the Supplemental Conditions of Contest. Systems must be prepared in the correct format (i.e. in accordance with WBF requirements) using one of the CCE Editing programs (there are also blank Word and Excel formats available) which can be found by clicking here. Note that the WBF CCE program does not work with Windows Vista. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE WBF FORMAT IS USED.

Players emailing their systems in are requested to put the name of their team, the surnames of the partnership and which event they are playing in as the subject line of the email (e.g. Dhondy-Senior England Women's team)

Players should note that for all teams events with the exception of the World Transnational Mixed Teams it is a requirement that systems are registered in advance, no later than 10th August. Systems should be submitted by email to Anna for publication to the other teams. I will acknowledge all systems recieved - it doesn't mean I have actually opened the files, just that I have received the email ! I will, however, email you if I have a problem, so keep an eye on your emails for a few days!

I will convert systems to PDF and they will all be put up on the website - click here to check that yours is safely up and to download the ones for your opponents. But be patient if yours isn't there ... as long as you have had an email saying I have it, then it will go up in due course - I will email you with problems don't worry!

Please note that neither Brown Sticker nor HUM Systems will be permitted at any stage of any of the events.