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Visa information

Try and get a tourist visa ** (see note from Anna at the bottom of this page) - as if you are going on holiday, as it will be much easier. But also read the following statement which has been issued by the Chinese Organising Committee

1. First, please everyone contact the visa office in your home country, try to find if it is possible to get the short-stay (tourist) visa directly, if it is possible, it would save a lot of time.

If there really exists difficulty, then please fill in this form to obtain the sports visa invitation from the Chinese government. The Chinese OC is only authorized to send invitation for sport visa.

2. According to the latest laws on visa application, everyone who has got the visa invitation must go back to your home country visa office to get the visa. Now it is not allowed to go to the country where you are live in at present to get the visa.

3. The organisers are only authorized to issue the period only regarding to the date of WMSG, so the longest stay possible with a sports visa will be 19 days, so if you want to have longer stay or want to have sightseeing in China before or after the WMSG, you have to apply a traveler’s visa which we can’t help with.

4. The deadline for sending the visa application is July 31st, so we will send you back the invitation for visa about one week after the date.

5. According to the new regulation, applicants should go to Chinese Embassy of Consulates with the original version of invitation, so the organisers will send you the letter by post, so make sure you give your full address including post code, telephone and fax when you send back the form. If you are on one team but will not to go to apply visa together, please specify. Then we will send you the invitation separately. Otherwise it will cause a lot of problem.

6. the “function” in the application for is for you to fill in “NPC” or “player” or “official”, “the city where you will apply visa ” you should fill in which city you will go to apply for your visa: For example, In USA maybe you will go to Washington DC or New York, because in these cities there are Chinese embassy or consulates there.

7. please specify the arrival and departure date clearly, otherwise we can’t send you the sports visa invitation.

8. All the people who would like to get the sports visa invitation from the Chinese government please confirm that the full name is definitely the same as the name on your passport.

Your understanding is much appreciated by the Chinese Organizing Committee.

** Note this is the sort of visa you would get if you are going on holiday to China, and is the easiest to obtain. If you try and get a business or a sports visa, it is much more difficult