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2009 World Bridge Teams Championships

São Paulo, Brazil : 29 August - 12 September 2009

Anti Doping

The following email has been sent to as many participants in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup as possible:

From the WBF Medical Commission
To the President WBF
To the Captains Open and Ladies Teams

Subject: Anti-doping Regulation 39th Bermuda Bowl and 17th Venice Cup
 Sao Paulo, Brazil 29 August – 12 September 2009

We herewith inform you that anti-doping tests for the Open and Women’s Teams will take place in Sao Paolo during the World Bridge Team Championships. Four players from the Bermuda Bowl and four from the Venice Cup will be drawn for the conventional analyses.

May we remind you of the necessity for players, who for health reasons, take medication, to communicate this information to their respective team Captains, in order to be able to promptly transmit it to the WBF Medical Commission using the TUE Exemption forms which are available by clicking here. They can also be obtained by emailing Anna Gudge (anna@ecats.co.uk). It is extremely important that the forms are completed and returned with any necessary medical documentation at least 21 days before the start of the Championships.

Thanking you in advance for your cooperation, please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.
 Looking forward to seeing you in Sao Paolo,
 Best regards
 Yves Aubry
 Paolo Walter Gabriele
 WBF Medical Commission
 WBF cfrancin@wordbridgefed.com
 Yves Aubry  yves.aubry@ffbridge.net
 P.W. Gabriele 0039-329-5609978  pw.gabriele@unicas.it