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2009 World Bridge Teams Championships

São Paulo, Brazil : 29 August - 12 September 2009

Links to other sites with results, bulletins, blogs etc. Note that these will open in a new window

WBF Site - results, Bulletins etc
The official Brazilian Site

Links to the running scores

Detailed Time Schedules

BBO Vu-Graph Schedule

Blogs & other websites covering the Championships:

My blog (well I will try and keep it updated!)
Donna Compton's Blog (NPC USA 2 BB team)
Ron Klinger's Blog (Australia)
Michael Yuen (NPC Canada Master Point Press Women's Team)
Sergio Cappozzi (from Argentina - in Spanish)
Geir Olav Tislevoll (Norway NBO, in Norwegian)
Bridge India Website


If you have a blog about the Championships you would like me to link to, please email me and I will link to it for you.

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