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2009 World Bridge Teams Championships

São Paulo, Brazil : 29 August - 12 September 2009

For the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & Senior Bowl

Click here to download the Supplemental Conditions of Contest which contain the full systems regulations. Players should note that it will be a requirement that all systems are registered in advance, by 7th July 2009, via e mail to Anna Gudge: anna@ecats.co.uk

No HUM, or Brown Sticker conventions will be permitted at any stage of the Round Robin in either the Bermuda Bowl or Venice Cup nor will they be permitted at any stage of the Senior Bowl.

Pairs wishing to register Brown Sticker systems for use in the KO phase must register these, together with the relevant BS forms, by 7th July 2009. No extension to this deadline will be accepted.
BS or HUM partnerships will lose their seating rights.

World Transnational Open Teams

Teams are reminded that HUM and Brown Sticker Conventions are not permitted AT ANY STAGE of the World Transnational Open Teams

General information and the CCE

For general information about systems, including a new version of the CCE program for Vista, please click here and READ the instructions carefully before starting!

Details about the submission of systems, information about Brown Sticker Conventions, how to download and complete the BS forms and other information that you may find useful can be found by clicking here.