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2009 World Bridge Teams Championships

São Paulo, Brazil : 29 August - 12 September 2009

The 7th World Transnational Open Teams Championship is a prestigious and most enjoyable event. Being Transnational, it is open to teams composed of players coming from different countries, nominated by their National Bridge Organisation and approved by the WBF Credentials Committee.

It is a great opportunity for players to participate in a wonderful bridge tournament while at the same time having a unique opportunity to experience all the atmosphere and excitement of the final stages of the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup and watch some of the greatest players in the world on the first class vugraph presentation. Players wishing to compete in this Championship should contact their NBO and request nomination by the end of July 2009. There is no quota, and NBOs may nominate as many teams as they wish to compete in this great tournament.

Players eliminated from the Round Robin of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & Seniors Bowl will be able to enter the World Transnational Open Teams Championship free of charge if they enter as a complete team. Charges for the event if teams include players who have not participated in the Round Robins are detailed here.

The World Transnational Open Teams will take place during the second week, starting in the late afternoon on Monday 7th September. The format will be Swiss Teams. It is normally played as 10-board matches (3, 4 or 5 per day) for 15 qualifying rounds (150 boards). The Quarter Final will start on Thursday late afternoon, the Semi Final will be played on Friday 11th September and the Final will end on Saturday 12th September.

In the event that there are 80 or more teams, there may be a round of 16 playing 20 board matches followed by a 24-board quarter-final. The round of 16 would start on Thursday 10 September.



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