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2010 World Bridge Series

Philadelphia, USA 1st - 16th October 201

Draws for the Youth Teams:

The Ortiz Patino Trophy
The Damiani Cup

Important notice for Rosenblum, McConnell and Rand Cup

Registration for these events closes at 8:30 pm (20:30) on Monday 4 October.
If you haven't registered or paid, please do so as early as possible. You can register online on the WBF website, and then pay using the USBF online payment system. Alternatively you can register and pay in the hospitality department on the 5th floor of the Marriott.
It is absolutely essential that the deadline is observed in order to allow the organizing committee to produce correctly seeded sections in time for start of play.

Please note that all participants will need to go to the hospitality department to collect their bags and badges before start of play

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Click here to find more information and links about this great event!

Junior Championship revised Schedules :

The Captains' meeting for the Youth teams will be on Saturday October 9th at 17h00

please note that the Round Robin matches for the Junior and Youngsters Championships will be 10 boards and not 16 boards as stated in the Conditions of Contest. The Rona Cup Round Robin will be played over matches of 24 boards (two sessions of
12 boards)

Information from the site - links to results, blogs etc


Please note that Players may play the Multi two diamonds as it is described in the Systems Policy, and Players may have a written defence to it and refer to this at the table.

Click here for the systems that have been registered for the Youth Teams

Click here for systems that have been registered for all other Championship events


in answer to queries, note that the Schedule states that Championship events will start at approximately 10.30 and 15.30 each day with the evenings free.

July 2010

The local Philadelphia Association has put up a brilliant page with all sorts of information about the event and the area ... things like help with finding partners (it says for the Regional but they will help for the main Championship events as well), the best restaurants, where to park - all sorts of useful stuff! So do go and have a look - just click here!

29 April 2010

General and Supplemental Conditions of Contest are now published. Follow the links below:
General Condtions of Contest
Supplemental Conditions of Contest

Latest update: 17 December 09

Discounted Airfare with Continental

USBF is pleased to announce that it has entered into a discounted airfare agreement with Continental Airlines, exclusively for participants in the upcoming World Championship.  If you are travelling to Philadelphia or Newark, NJ from Sept 26th until Oct 21st, 2010, simply call Continental's MeetingWorks Reservations at 800-468-7022 or your travel agent, and provide code CKT9ZG with Z code ZZP3 to receive a discount on your air travel.  In many cases, this special arrangement will provide you with significant savings. 

Outside the United States, Continental Airlines ask you to contact your own local travel agent, or telephone the Continental Reservations office in your own country or send an email to NHC-Int.meetingworks@coair.com

9th November 2009:

Any NBO which did not participate in the previous World Mind Sport Games may restore its eligibility for possible participation in a subsequent Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup by having at least one (1) team play in the Rosenblum Teams or at least two (2) pairs play in the World Open Pairs for the Bermuda Bowl and by having at least one (1) team play in the Mc Connell Cup Teams or at least two (2) pairs play in the World Women’s Pairs for the Venice Cup. Please note that having a team participating in the Rosenblum or pairs in the Open Pairs grants eligibility to participate in the Bermuda Bowl ONLY; for the Venice Cup eligibility to be restored, a Women's team from that NBO must participate in the McConnell Teams (or two pairs must play in the Women's Pairs).

8 October 09
Hotel information
now posted
Schedule for the Regional Tournament posted

06 October 09
Latest brochure posted with details of the Hotels and the Regional Tournament

28 September 09
Systems information

A facebook group has been started for Friends of the Championships

10 September
Updated Schedule published