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2011 World Bridge Teams Championships

Eindhoven, Netherlands 15 - 29 October 2011

As the largest city in the south of the Netherlands, the Eindhoven region has over 725.000 inhabitants. The Dutch capital Amsterdam is only 125 km away.
Eindhoven offers a wide spectrum of facilities in the areas of shopping, nightlife and performing arts. The cultural climate in the Eindhoven region is diverse - the Van Abbe museum is internationally recognised for its modern art collection.
Eindhoven is sometimes called the ‘City of Light', that's not surprising because Eindhoven is closely linked to Philips.
Eindhoven ranks among the world’s top cities in first-rate technology, design, lighting and sports. A number of international top companies work together at the state-of-the-art High Tech Campus, our very own Silicon Valley. Design from Eindhoven has also achieved world fame. Students from all corners of the globe come to study at the Design Academy and at the Industrial Design department of the University of Technology. Eindhoven is dedicated to excellence.

Brainport Eindhoven
Top technology region Brainport Eindhoven is a breeding ground for innovation and the home base for companies, and world-class knowledge and research institutes. Brainport devises and manufactures the technology of the near future, the technology that contributes to a safe, green, and caring society and to the sustainable economic development of the Netherlands.
Among the numerous innovative and renowned knowledge and research institutes are: Philips, DAF, ASML, FEI Company,TomTom, University of Technology, TNO, Design Academy, High Tech Campus.


The Kingdom of the Netherlands is internationally also known as Holland.

Holland is a relatively small country with an area of 35.000 square kilometers. The distance from north to south is no more than 400 kilometers, and from the (west) coast to the German border less than 150 kilometers. Holland has a population of more than 16 million and is a compact country with great diversity. It offers high city living and elegant country life, culture and arts, architecture and beaches, hotspots and heritage, all close to one another, connected by modern infrastructure.

The Dutch are associated with the colour orange, after the name of the royal Orange Nassau family. Her Majesty Queen Beatrix has been the head of state since 1980. Her eldest son Prince Willem-Alexander, the Prince of Orange, is the first in line to the throne and has been an IOC member since 1998.

On the 30st of April it is Queens Day. Open-air festivities draw millions of people to the streets to celebrate. The colour orange is everywhere. And, of course, the Dutch always ‘go orange’ when attending international sports events at home and abroad.