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2011 World Bridge Teams Championships

Eindhoven, Netherlands 15 - 29 October 2011

Entry Fees & Payment

- Bermuda Bowl/Venice Cup

€ 3.200 before or on 1st July

- D’Orsi Seniors Bowl

€ 3.200 before or on 1st July

- World Transnational Open Teams

€ 1.200 before or on 1st September

Players eliminated from the Round-Robin and Quarter-final of the Open, Women's or Senior Teams may form new Open teams and will receive free entry provided no players who have not participated in these events are added.

In the event that a team is made up from players who have not participated in the three main events, with players from these events added to the team, the charges will be as follows

A team with four new players & one or two eliminated players:

€ 1.200

A team with three new players & up to three eliminated players :

€  960

A team with 2 new players & up to four eliminated players :

€  640

A team with 1 new player & up to five eliminated players :

€  320

The entry fees must be paid by bank transfer to WBF. Bank information will be forwarded to NBOs and  published on the WBF and here on the ECatsBridge Web Sites.