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2011 World Bridge Teams Championships

Eindhoven, Netherlands 15 - 29 October 2011

Rules & Regulations – Systems Policy

General Conditions of Contest

Supplemental Conditions of Contest

WBF Anti Doping Regulations

TUE Application Form (PDF) - TUE Application Form (Word)

Example Medical Certificate

WBF Systems Policy

WBF Alerting Policy

WBF Guidelines on Psychic Bidding

NBOs & Players are particularly asked to note the following points:

Systems Registration for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & d'Orsi Seniors Bowl is to be no later than 31st July 2011 - click here for more information and details of how to register systems.

Anti Doping: From the day of the Opening Ceremony up to and including the day of the Closing Ceremony, individual competitors from the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup will, in accordance with the WBF Anti-Doping Regulations, be randomly selected for anti-doping testing. It is obligatory for selected competitors to undergo such testing. Please ensure that, if necessary, you comply with the requirement to register a Therapeutic Exemption Form (TUE) no later than 21 days before the start of the Championships. Note that the penalties for non-compliance with the Anti Doping Code are severe.

For the purpose of anti-doping education on the WADA website you will find: Resources, Education & Awareness, The World Anti-doping Code, WADA Prohibited List, Video: The Doping Control Process for Athletes and WADA Athlete Guide

Dress Code: NBOs are asked to take note of the recognition of Bridge as a Sport by the IOC and requests that players should, at all times, be dressed appropriately.

In the World Bridge Teams Championship (Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Senior Bowl), it is obligatory for all teams to adopt the required dress code, details of which are in the General Conditions of Contest and can also be found by clicking here