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14th World Bridge Games

Lille, France - 9th - 23rd August 2012


Click here for additional Information about what to include in your TUE application.

Click here for FAQ relating to Anti-doping.

From the day of the Opening Ceremony up to and including the day of the Closing Ceremony, individual competitors from the Open and Women’s Teams will, in accordance with the WBF Anti-Doping Regulations, be randomly selected for anti-doping testing. It is obligatory for selected competitors to undergo such testing. The analyses will be done by WADA accredited laboratories.

NBOs are invited to pay attention to the Anti-doping Regulations and to ensure that their players are fully aware both of the regulations and of the penalties for not following them.
If a Competitor is undergoing medical treatment for a condition, which requires the taking of a substance on the Prohibited list, the Competitor must get a dispensation from the WBF Medical Commission.
Any players requiring exemption certificates should ensure that they complete the TUE form and return it as soon as possible and no later than 21 days before the commencement of the competition in which they are participating to
Dr. Jaap Stomphorst
Isala Klinieken
Sports medicine department
PO Box 10500
8000GM Zwolle, The Netherlands
Tph.: +31 38 4245689 (office time)
+31 61 2088836 (cellphonen)
E.mail: j.stomphorst@isala.nl

The list of prohibited substances can be found at


 and the TUE form is available by clicking here


NOTE: Competitors are advised to register for a TUE well in advance in case there are any additional queries that need answering.