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2010 World Bridge Series

Philadelphia, USA 1st - 16th October 201

HUM Systems and Brown Sticker Conventions will be prohibited for all Championship events, even in the final stages. It is probable that pairs playing Red Sticker systems will be required to register these in advace so that they can be checked, but more information about this will be published in due course.

You will need to ensure that you complete a WBF Convention card - you may use the WBF CCE for this, or the Word or Excel templates all of which can be found by clicking here. You will need to have two identical cards to give your opponents at the start of every match or round in the pairs.

Please read the WBF Systems Policy for more information, and also check the information about Brown Sticker Conventions in order to ensure that you don't contravene the regulations.

You should also familiarise yourself with the WBF Alerting Policy and the Psychic Bidding Guidelines. In addition you may find the WBF Code of Practice helpful.