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Clubs holding "open" heats for the ECatsBridge Summer Charity Pairs

These are the clubs offering Open Heats

We are really grateful to them for giving players without a club heat available the chance to play in the event. We will add to the list as we hear of other clubs ready to welcome visitors. Please be sure to check and register with the club in good time - follow the links and you will find the instructions of how to do this.

The following clubs are holding heats

  • East Norfolk Bridge Clubs are planning to heats on the Tuesday, Thursday and Friday - please email Steve at bridgeclubs@eastnorfolk.org for more information and also note that these heats willb e held on Bridge Club Live so you need to be familiar with playing on that platform - their website is : www.bridgewebs.com/eastnorfolk/
  • Newtown Bridge Club will be hosting heats on the Tuesday and Thursday, using StepBridge - you must a) be registered with StepBridge and b) register with Alan Screen (alanscreen@protonmail.com) as a Club member in advance please.
  • Caterham Bridge Club will be hosting heats each day - https://www.bridgewebs.com/caterham/ and would be pleased to welcome visitors
  • Castle Morpeth - http://www.castlemorpethbridgeclub.co.uk is holding a heat on Tuesday 6 July, playing on BBO. They say: We are happy to accept visitors but they should register with us on our website and make the donation to our club so we can deduct the BBO & EBU charge before sending the money to you
  • Lymington Bridge Club - www.lymingtonbridgeclub.co.uk - will hold a session on Wednesday on BBO and anotehr on Friday on RealBridge and would welcome visitors. Details are on their websie
  • Trafford Bridge Club - http://www.bridgewebs.com/trafford/ will hold a heat on Tuesday 6th July on RealBridge and will welcome visitors
  • If your club is willing to open its heats (or even its heart!) to visitors, please email Anna and give her: the club name, a link to register or for more information and the day or days the heats will be held.