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How to get the material so your club can play:

First of all you need to register with your NBO, and then we will send you everything you need email us, either directly or through your National Federation.

If you are a British Club, please email us directly.

You will be sent the file containing the travellers and a file containing the commentary for whichever day or days you have entered by email. The format for the travellers will be A4 with two travellers printed on it, so you will need to cut it down the middle. You will need to write the Board Number on the reverse side. The commentary will probably also be in A4 format and I will keep it to as few pages as I can to make it easy to print, but it would be better if you make it quite clear to your players that they should really be ready to download this from the website for themselves after play. I can also supply a .dup or .dlm file for those of you with duplimate machines.