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2021 ECatsBridge Summer Pairs

How it works !

We will run five events, from the Monday to Friday in March, from 15th - 19th with different hands each day. The platforms for playing will be BBO, Bridge Club Live and RealBridge

We are suggesting £3 per player for the event and that this should be sent directly to us for onward transmission to the Charity at the end of the event - details of how to do that are here

We hope as many of you as possible will join us. If you can't - well maybe your players can participate at another club that is playing or maybe they would just like to donate anyway and send us the proceeds to forward on to the Charity... they will be just as welcome, whether you play the set hands or not !

If you want to play our hands and have it scored on line, this is what happens:

Start off by emailing us and tell us :

a. the name of your club
b. where you are located - the town and country
c. the email address you need the file sent to
  and (very important)
d. which day you want to play

And we will send you the deal files - the set is 24 boards of which we ask you to play at least 18 - and a copy of the commentary so you can check the right files are uploaded and also email it to your players after the event. But please don't put it on your website until the next day.

After you have played the event you need to create the XML file and send it to us. All the details for uploading the files to BBO and for sending us the XML are here - please note that when you send the XML the subject line must be the session number and your country and NOTHING else. And please only attach the XML file - just one !

The commentaries will be available on the website at 10pm on the evening of each event - please make sure that you don't send them out or put them on your own site before then and if you are uploading the results to your own site, please don't show the hands and frequencies until then either.