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Laws of On Line Bridge published by the WBF in 2001

(changes only, marked vs. relevant subsections of Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1997)


Law 40 - Partnership Understandings

E. Convention Card
Right to Prescribe
The sponsoring organisation may prescribe a convention card on which partners are to list their conventions and other agreements and may establish regulations for its use, including a requirement that both members of a partnership employ the same system (such a regulation must not restrict style and judgement, only method).
Referring to Opponents' Convention Card
    During the auction and play, any player except dummy may refer to his opponents' convention card at his own turn to call or play, but not to his own. If permitted by the sponsoring organisation, in special events such as individual tournaments or tournaments using specified systems, a player may refer to his own convention card. *
New Footnote to Law 40E2 * Except as permitted in L40E2-Online, a player is not entitled, during the auction and play periods, to any aids to his memory, calculation or technique. However, sponsoring organisations may designate unusual methods and allow written defenses against opponents' unusual methods to be referred to at the table.