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Laws of On Line Bridge published by the WBF in 2001

(changes only, marked vs. relevant subsections of Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge 1997)


Law 80 - Sponsoring Organisation - original text

A sponsoring organisation conducting an event under these Laws has the following duties and powers:

E. Special Conditions
  to establish special conditions for bidding and play (such as written bidding, bidding boxes, screens - penalty provisions for actions not transmitted across a screen may be suspended). Powers of the sponsoring organisation to establish special conditions include, but are not limited to, the provision of software enforcing correct procedure, the establishment of regulations governing the use of software facilities for alerts and disclosure, and other changes, not in conflict with these Laws, as may be necessary for the conduct of online bridge.
H. Security
  To establish appropriate security procedures, which may include direct supervision of play, establishment of a means to record play and communication, and other measures as may be deemed necessary by the sponsoring organisation. The sponsoring organisation shall establish a means for recording and investigating allegations of potential impropriety.