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How do I upload files from ScoreBridge, EBUScore / Pairs Scorer or Duplicate Scorer?


On the Results Screen simply select the Send menu and then Result To ECatsBridge 

You will be asked to enter / confirm some basic data about the club
and then to enter the ECATs Session Number (see the back of the score sheets or the results pages for the event). if you are not an affiliated English club just ignore the bit about your club number - you don't need it.

ScoreBridge will then produce the Ecats files, which are p.txt, r.txt, e.txt and c.txt, and save them
You can

  • Either - let ScoreBridge send them immediately
  • Or - send then yourself by attaching them to an email and sending them to results@simpairs.com. If you are worried that it may not work, send a copy to anna@ecats.co.uk as well and we will check it for you.

EBUScore / Pairs Scorer:

  1. First of all, when you set the event up on the first screen, make sure you put in the correct session number for the event you are playing (it’s on the travellers and on the website)
  2. Next score the event just as you normally do.
  3. Go to reports.
  4. On that screen there is either a tab or a button saying Internet Functions – click that.
  5. On the next screen you will see a button that says Send Results for ECats or possibly Create/Upload files for ECats (usually at the top or on the middle on the right hand side).
  6. Click the send button and you will be asked to confirm the session number. Just Ok that - you can't change it there in any case..
  7. Once you click that OK, the next screen will tell you that the files are created in your documents folder – they are called, c.txt, p.txt, r.txt and e.txt.
  8. If you get an error message at this point, ignore it, go to the documents folder, find the four files and attach them to an email, sending them to results@simpairs.com with a copy to anna@ecats.co.uk ... it should all be fine !

You can test by using any session you have played and putting 9999 as the session number and that goes to our test area.

Duplicate Scorer

When you have put in all the information – scores, pairs and so forth, click on the Export menu and choose ECats Sims Files.
A window will be displayed listing the EBU numbers of all the competitors in this competition. The correct numbers should be shown for club members but if there were any visitors, their EBU numbers may be blank. You can fill in the correct EBU numbers here if you wish (but it's not mandatory). Click OK.
The next window has the caption Ecats export settings. Make sure you have specified a valid folder in which to save the ECats files (there's a Browse button to help you find a suitable folder), details of the event – most importantly the Session Number and contact details for the scorer in case of any problems. Click OK.
Duplicate Scorer will now attempt to send the result in by email. If this fails (for example, because you don't have a valid email client set up), an error message will be displayed. This include a reminder of the folder you chose to store the ECats results files. Go to that folder, find the four small text files: tc.txt, p.txt, r.txt and e.txt, attach them to an email and send them to results@simpairs.com with a copy to anna@ecats.co.uk. Job done.

Do email Anna if you have any further queries! She is here to help.