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Overall Ranking for WBF Pairs for Youth Bridge December session 005967

Pair Names % score Match Points
241 Elisabeth Kellenberger - Farah Seewer
from Bridgeclub Bern in Switzerland
35.07 2482.88
242 Mme Hélène Blattner - M. Jean Simos
from Cercle de la Cité in Switzerland
33.92 2401.22
243 Cherry Kingman & Tricia Kelly
from South Croydon Bridge Club in England
32.38 2292.33
244 Els Bader - Irmgard Burkhalter
from Bridgeclub Bern in Switzerland
29.81 2110.38
245 Ikue Hara & Masaru Moritake
from Musashino Bridge Center in Japan
29.10 2060.13