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Fund Raising Ideas

Ask the owners of your venue to waive their rent for the evening and "put that into the pot" with the rest of the donations

Ask some local firms to sponsor some extra prizes to attract more people or to use for a raffle

Take your revenge on your children/grandchildren/nephews/nieces and other friends and relations who keep wanting you to sponsor them for sky diving, bunjie jumping, walking, hiking, biking and ask them to sponsor you for every contract you make during the evening!

Money Pot Get a money jar going now and ask everyone to pop some of their odd loose change into it each night you play between now and the CiN night, then you can add that into the equation as well!
Swear Box Have a swear box on the Director's Table - any muttering under the breath by anyone going down in a contract / making the wrong play or such like and money is required into the box ! Of course I do realise that it is only muttering under the breath that would ensue ... I am sure none of your players would actually swear !
Raffle Yes, yes, there are always raffles, but it doesn't stop them being a great way of raising extra money for a good cause. Ask some friends for small prizes and run a raffle
Special Goodies See if any of your club members would be willing to bake a cake / make some buns / sweets or something to sell to go with the coffee
If you have a bright idea for raising extra money for CiN, please let us know so that we can put it on the site!