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Important things to note for all the Charity events run by ECatsBridge

  • Clubs can play on line or Face to Face - either is fine, but please check below for how to send in your results.
  • How to enter and how it works
  • Sending the donations to us: we suggest a donation of £3.00 per player but it isn't set in stone. They can give less if they want or (hopefully) a bit more ! Every little helps.
  • How to upload the LIN file to BBO - I am told that many users report that after uploading the deal files they need to logout and log back in before they are able to see and use the files. You are advised to leave plenty of time before the game to ensure that they are available for you to use.
  • How to send the XML file with results - really important this !! Please do a test beforehand if you haven't already done one
  • Here is a test set of hands - there are 21 boards, the LIN file, and a booklet from an old event that you can use to practice uploading and sending results - it would be really helpful if you can do that just to be sure it works for you!
  • How to send the results using ScoreBridge or Pairs Scorer if you actually play at a club. Or alternatively send us the XML file - see the "how to" page for that
  • General Regulations
  • Don't forget to email me if you need the files for your dealing machine or for the LIN file to upload to BBO- I don't send them automatically!

Upload your results to ECats

  • REMEMBER that if you are sending an XML file then the subject of the email must be the session number and your country ONLY - nothing else, and please don't include any messages or any other files.
  • Remember - we allow clubs to play during the day and not just in the evening, but please DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR RESULTS TO YOUR OWN SITE until the evening of the day you are playing. Each day has different hands of course, and uploading to ECats is fine at any time because you will just see a ranking list - the frequencies and hands won't display, but if you uplaod to your own site before 10 pm on the evening you play anyone can see the hands / frequencies and that is obviously not a good idea !

After the event:

  • Score and upload your results
  • Remind your players to send in their donations

We don't award overall master points for this event.