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The ECats Cats

We couldn't survive with just one cat and so eventully we decided to try and replace Emale ( an impossible job ). So we went to look for a Burmese kitten and although still not sure how it happened we bought two !! They were named Nimbus and Cirrus.

NimbusHowever, Cirrus for some reason decided that he preferred life living with someone else and wandered off, but Nimbus is still very much with us and settling down well to life on Orkney where he is getting to grips (and I do mean this literally - 5 rats to date!) with the local wildlife.

And we also had :

Phercad, a black Maine Coon, who is Anna's cat and the latest addition to the "family" - he is fluffy, black and brain free! Sadly Phercad (aged 24) died early in 2003 and his ashes are scattered under the bush where he used to sunbathe.

Before the Cloud kittens there was our much loved Emale who sadly developed a throat tumour in May 2011, and made his final journey to the vet at the beginning of June. We all miss him very much - he was such a character and the office seems very empty without his complaints.and this was our lovely (well, cantankerous, awkward, difficult but still well loved) Taggie:

Taggie was a fluffy tabby, not to be messed about with - she was the oldest (by a long way) and particularly loved Tim, Mark's son who lived with us on Platform 2 at that time.

Monday 3rd November 08 I took Taggie for her final journey to the vet ... she was a sad and sore old lady and the vet agreed that it was time for her to move on. So she has now joined Bear in the garden "plot".