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Meg - the Harris Hawk

Meg is a gorgeous Harris Hawk, who makes her home with Cath and Marcus in Bristol. She is still young, and being trained to come to the fist and is absolutely beautiful! She didn't approve of the cold weather, so instead of being in her own area in the garden she was brought into the kitchen to enjoy the warmth!

Enjoy the pictures!

Meg in all her glorySee what I mean - isn't she gorgeous ?


Meg landingHere she is, coming onto my fist ... it is really quite nervewracking as she is not at all impressed if you try and snatch your hand away as she lands, and watching her coming at you with her talons outstreched is quite scary!

You have to keep dead still and tell yourself that it is going to be fine!
Meg and MarcusMarcus trains her by using a whistle - Meg knows that it means food and comes flying in to get it!
Meg gets her rewardOnce she has landed, she gets a yummy bit of meat (a bit of dead chick, or perhaps rat .. bleugh!), which she eats voraciously then flies off to await the whistle to tell her that the next morsel is ready.